Love Abroad

Love Abroad

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Internship Saga

Currently at Ohio State I am a communications student. I am fast approaching my last year there and I am quite nervous, to say the least. I have no idea what or where I want to go with my career and lately this seems to be the hot topic with my family and boyfriend. I am getting pretty overwhelmed with the whole concept of growing up and getting a job. Well really just getting a job, I may never really grow up. As I mull over the job options that are in my future, I have an internship this summer that will hopefully help me get one step closer to finding my true calling. 

I am currently interning at Q104. This is one of the most popular and biggest radio stations in Cleveland. My job is pretty simple, I show up to events, help set up and then put on that big PR smile. I must say that I haven't had that much fun yet. I know I shouldn't complain or judge much, I have only worked two events so far. These events have been at home appliance stores in the middle of no where. I must say, if you have never ventured out to the cities of Brunswick and Elyria, don't bother. 

These two events I have helped at are using the Mega Money Machine. I know sounds kinda fun right, not totally. Its a slot machine, just with prizes instead of coins or lotto tickets. Basically people pull the lever and see what they get, everyone wins something. They all hope they win the big money which is $102,000. In a sense, its like vegas just without the vegas part. 

The part that really blows my mind about this whole event, is that this Mega Money Machine has followers. When I say followers, we usually call them regulars. At my first event, my team leaders told me all about these unique people. They listen to the radio to find out where and when our MMM events are going to be held. These people literally go where ever this MMM goes, even if it is two hours away from them. When I was informed about the regulars, I didn't believe it, but today I was forced to believe. I saw almost all of the same people I saw a week ago. They all come up to the machine the same way. They say "Give me the big money," and I smile at them thinking to myself about how crazy they are to do this once or twice a week. When they don't get the big prize they sigh and take what they are given. In a way I sort of feel bad for them, they try and try, and still they haven't won what they came there for. I hope that when I update next about this internship it won't just be about the regulars. 

I am excited for the things to come, I am scheduled to work at the Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift concerts. Hopefully since it won't be with the Mega Money Machine, I will be meeting a different crowd. I know I am just an intern and I need the experience, I will try not to complain much. Hopefully my summer gets better and I start enjoying what I am doing.