Love Abroad

Love Abroad

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Internship Saga: Part Two

I have finally started to like my internship, but not just like, LOVE. I have been having a blast the past few events and I even got a mini "intern promotion". By total chance I met a radio DJ at an event I was doing and we got to talking.  She offered me a chance to do her social media stuff during her show. I jumped on it cause it sounded right up my alley. Today was my second day on the job and I am already a star...well kinda. I got to record a commercial for the radio that will be airing this coming monday. I am totally stoked and ready to be listening to the radio all day. I also got the chance to be the star of Nancy Alden's (the DJ) craft of the month spot. I gave her my idea from the letters I made and I got to be in her video explaining it. I decided that you all should see it, so here it is, Enjoy my stardom!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Crafting


This past year I had to make a bunch of crafting things for my sorority. At first I thought it was a hassle, but when I started painting and crafting my mind changed. So this summer I thought that I would pick up some crafting things and occupy myself in my down time. I chose to paint wooden letters of my name to hang in my room, in my apartment next year. I thought it would be a great thing to show on here to everyone.

Just blobs

The finished product!
I had hoped this project would last me a week or so, but I finished in about 3 days. Now I am no artist, I can just be creative and copy off of things I see. That is the extent of my artistic-ness. Now that I am done, I am moving on to my next project. It is a wooden step stool that I made back in middle school for wood shop. Obviously it was not my choice to take this class, nor was it to make the stool. I found the stool after cleaning out my room when I came home for the summer. I was about to throw it away but now I have different plans. Once I have made progress I will update on the stool. 

Happy Summer Crafting Everyone!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Honorary Canadian

Happy Canada Day!

I decided to write a little about the special day, because I have many friends who are actually Canadian. I know hard to believe that an Ohio girl from a small town is friends with so many Canadians. I would love to say that I had a wild trip at Niagara Falls and met all these fine people, but I have no such story. My story is that I met them at summer camp. We all attended Goldman Union Camp Institute for a number of years and became friends when we were staff. I have even been dating one for about 2 and half years now.

Throughout the past two years I have been visiting Canada pretty frequently. On my latest visit the boyfriend and I (mostly me) decided that I was an honorary Canadian. I decided this because I have been there so many times and have even made the crazy decision to move there after I graduate. I believe that with all of my time spent exploring Toronto, I am ready to become this honorary Canadian. I don't know if everyone, even the rest of my Canadian friends believe this, but I think I'm ready to take this title.

So today, I will be wearing my Canada Day shirt the boyfriend's mother got for me last summer. I will be dreaming of being in Toronto exploring more of the Kensington market, the Eaton Center and even the CN tower. I'll also be thinking about the next time I'll be visiting my Canadian friends. I hope all of you enjoy today and try considering me as your honorary Canadian.