Love Abroad

Love Abroad

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Only in Ohio

Today was full of news of a tragic event.

Last night in Zanesville, Ohio, an owner of 48 exotic animals committed sucide after letting all of these animals loose. This is a smal rural town in Ohio, and is not any kind of place for these exotic animals.

These animals were reported last night to the sheriff's office after being sighted traveling towards the Interstate 70. (Don't worry, I'm about an hour away from Zanesville right now)

I am upset with the situation because they had to kill a majority of the animals. I know that these animals were not taken care of properly in the first place, but now they are dead because of this selfish man. I don't mean to start debates, but I just love animals.

I just watched a press coference streaming live, and the police were not happy with having to kill the animals, which makes me a feel a little bit better. The police chief said that it was senseless for them to have to kill these animals, but it was just in protection of the citizens.

I totally agree with the protection of the community, I know if I were living in Zanesville right now I would totally be scared to leave my house. This still doesn't change my feeling about how the animals were taken care of. They even had the famous Jack Hanna at the scene trying to help out with rounding up the animals and he is an expert. I just think there could have been a better solution, but who I am to criticize the police trying to do their job.

I think the police were in the right trying to protect and do they best they could, I am just sad that we lost these amazing animals, for no really good reason.

Here is more on the situation and where I got some of my info from More Info on Exotic Animals in Ohio

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Welcome Home Gilad

What a wonderful day in Israel! Gilad Shalit is finally home where he belongs.

Shalit was captured at the young age of 19 by Hamas. He has been in captivity for 5 years and finally was set free today.

When he was captured I didn't really know anything about it. I wasn't very into worldly things, being my high school self. I was into hanging with friends, and going to movies. I had no idea this was going on.

When my attention was brought to Gilad, I was here in college. People at Hillel wore buttons saying "Free Gilad". I still knew little about him or what happened. Then last winter, my eyes were opened to the whole situation.

The boyfriend and I were accepted on a Birthright trip. This is a free trip for Jews, over 18, who have never been to Israel. This trip is very competitive and you're lucky to get on the wait list. It was my second time applying and we both got on the trip together.

January 3rd, 2011, we both met our group at the Newark, NJ airport and flew out to Israel. This trip was a once and a lifetime trip that has truly affected and changed my life. I have become more religious and invested in Israel. We stopped in every major city to see the sights, and on one of those stops was a tent in Jerusalem. This tent was set up by Gilad's family, friends and supporters, working around the clock to try to get him home. Finally the reality of the situation hit me.

Even though this wonderful thing happened, this isn't over yet. "On this day, all of us are united in happiness and pain" said Ben Netanyahu. In order for this to happen, Israel had to pay a big price. In order to get Gilad back, Israel had to release their Palestinian prisoners back to the West Bank.

To read more about where I got my info from check out this article from the NY Times: Gilad Shalit

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So Many Shows, Not Enough Time

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. Not just because the trees are a beautiful color, or that it's perfect sweatshirt weather. I love it because all of my favorite shows return and also new shows I can procrastinate my homework with.

You can call me an avid TV observer.

I may not like all the critically acclaimed shows or the most brilliantly written shows, but that doesn't matter to me. I like just being in a different world for a bit. Since I have too many shows that I want to talk about, I have decided to split it up in a few posts. Each post will have a new show and an old show.

The first show I would like to highlight is my new favorite, New Girl. This quirky, fun and slightly awkward comedy has stolen my heart. I love this show so much, I wish it was an hour long. The main character is a bubbly girl, Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel. The pilot kicked off with Jess finding her boyfriend cheating on her. She then needs a new place to live, leading us to meet the three supporting men. Nick, Schmidt and Winston. The men are reluctant to let her move in, but inevitably, she does. We then watch in the first three episodes Jess getting over her boyfriend, and helping the men get past their problems. Even though there has only been three episodes, I have so much fun watching. I look forward to the awkward moments and the comedy they can make out of ordinary everyday moments. It has a bit of a Modern Family feel, without the family part. I would recommend this show to anyone who needs a new "light" show. Guys would even like this show too, and as proof the boyfriend now watches this show too.

My old show that I would like to share is How I Met Your Mother. I must admit that I didn't start watching this show from the day it started. Its been on for 6 seasons and I hadn't even thought about watching it. When I was visiting the Boyfriend, he convinced me to start watching. We started from the beginning and I was hooked. This show is smart and funny and I never get tired of the reruns. So last spring I caught up and was ready for season 7 this fall. The show has five main characters: Lily, Marshall, Ted, Barney and Robin. They are all best friends living in New York who meet at their usual bar (kinda like the show Friends). Basically we are trying to figure out who the mother of Ted's kids are. We see these kids a few times, with a voiceover (Bob Saget) telling them all about his life prior to meeting their mother. Then it flashes to the five characters living out his story for the episode. Every episode is an adventure to me. I love the element of trying to figure out who the mother is and when we will meet her. I also love that every season they only give a little bit of information about her, or how he met her. If you want smart and funny, this show is for you. The only thing is you have to watch from the very first episode, or else you won't understand.

Seriously check these shows out, I really don't think you'll be sorry.

New Girl is on Tuesday's on Fox at 9pm
HIMYM is on Monday's on CBS at 8pm

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I have decided to join PRSSA. This is a great professional club for people pursuing PR. Since I fall into this category, I decided it would be a good resume builder and a great way to network. Also to see what lays ahead for me once I graduate.

Graduation is seeming more and more scary by the day. I realize that it is only fall quarter but, seriously it's my last fall quarter at The Ohio State University. CRAZY! I can't believe I'm a senior already, I feel like I just graduated high school last spring. Also when did I turn 21? 

So as I creep closer to June 2012, I am trying to do everything I can to get a job right out of college. I know I want to do something in PR, but I have no idea where I want to do such profession. I know this may come as a shock, but I will most likely be moving to Toronto after graduation to live closer to the boyfriend. I have no doubt that he will find a job (he is a computer science major, smarty pants I know). I am nervous about me finding one, the PR job market is tough to break into. I know it's all about who you know. I am counting on PRSSA to help me make these connections and beef up my resume. I can't wait for all the advice and help I know I will get from it.

If you are a PR student or looking at potentially being one, this organization will help you get where you are going. I highly recommend you getting this experience and getting involved. Here is the website if you are interested, PRSSA Site.

If you have any advice on the PR world that would like to share, I am more than happy to listen!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Last week was a horrendous week. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. As I told you, my TV wasn't working, I got caught in the rain more than once, and then to put the cherry on top of it all, my computer died. As Chris from Parks and Rec would say, it LITERALLY died. Not only did it just die, it died right before my two last classes and my 2 1/2 hour drive home to Cleveland. I was in a panic, I never really realized how much of my life is on my computer. I decided to skip my last class of the day to visit the Apple store and get this problem resolved. Even though my AppleCare had expired, they still agreed to fix my problem for free. The woman who helped me told me that my logic board had failed. As quoted by my boyfriend "That makes perfect sense," but to me I had no idea what that was. All I knew was that it made my computer work, when it wasn't failing.
Seriously this thing cost's $500?

The next part is a huge long story that involves me crying, and not being sure I would make it home for the High Holidays. So I will save you some details and just tell you the basic outline. I had to take it to a data recovery place. They also fixed Apple products, which helped me in the end. They would have needed to keep my computer over night to get all the data off of it, but I was leaving for home in about 2 hours. There was no way I could leave it over night and wait till Saturday to take it back to Apple. So as I said, long story short. They called Apple, got the AppleCare number from them, ordered the part, fixed my computer, and no data was lost! All and all I am happy, and more happy that I didn't have to go to class without it or pay for it.

For a happy ending, I was able to make it home for Rosh Hashanah. My mom had made home made matzah ball soup, brisket and her awesome apple cake, just for me. Now you can understand why I would have been so devastated to not be able to make it home.

I must thank Apple. Most of the time they don't really help people out, from what I have heard. If they hadn't done it for free, it would have costed me $500-ish. That was not something I could afford. Who knew a logic board would cost so much?

Also a huge thank you to Elan Technologies. They were willing to work with a crying girl and made my computer work again. Really I can't even thank them enough. Maybe some brownies will do the trick?