Love Abroad

Love Abroad

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Fellow Readers/Bloggers,

I am writing this today because I regret to inform you that I will be moving to a new blog site. Yes I know, how could I possibly move from this wonderful world we know as Blogger. You must understand that social media is very important in my chosen field of work. I need to be the most professional looking I can, and Blogger just isn't it. I will be moving to in a few days...or weeks. I know this is hard to hear, but this will be a better place for me, with more opportunities.

Once I have moved and gotten settled in, I will post my link for the new site. I am hoping to have more posts that actually have a relevant topic, as well as more readers.

I thank you all for your understanding, and hope to see you reading my new stuff (Hopefully it's good).

With the deepest sincerity,
Is This Real Life?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Guess I'm Back, Again

I know that I am so bad at updating, it is just super hard when you are a busy college student. This quarter is probably the craziest of my life right now. I guess I am trying to squeeze in everything last thing I can to put on a resume before I graduate.

A little of what I have been up to is designing a PR campaign for a couple events/companies. I am in Comm 637, which in non OSU student speak is Public Communications Campaigns. We are broken up into groups and we have make a PR Campaign for a real company. The company we are working with is called Azoti (which means nitrogen in Italian). You can look them up if you want.

The other organization I just got involved in is called the PRactice. It is a student run PR firm at OSU. I have just signed on to a team working on promoting The Ride for World Health (Look this up too, it's actually really cool).

I am just so excited about both of these time consuming projects that I haven't had to time to do anything fun, aka this, reading, painting my nails, etc...

On top of these two stressful things, I have been working on my resume. This has been so unsuccessful. I started seriously working on it over winter break. Then I realized how stressed and anxious it made me, that I couldn't work on it for the rest of the day. That day turned into weeks. Two Tuesday's ago I started again, but unfortunately became very overwhelmed with the thought of putting all of my achievements on ONE page. I took a break that lasted another week. Finally this past Monday, I sorta finished it. I would call it a very rough rough rough draft.

If anyone knows how to seriously write a resume and wants to seriously help me, or look over mine to critique, PLEASE let me know.

P.S.- Also any jobs leads would be wonderful!