Love Abroad

Love Abroad

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back to School

Blog written from the Ohio State Thompson Library, Berry Cafe
I haven't written a blog in a long time, and I must apologize. I just moved into my new apartment about a week ago and I am now adjusting to my class schedule. I am hoping to remember to take pictures of my new place to put up, it's very cute.

Things have been going well here at Ohio State, other than not having rain boots right now, and it has rained maybe 4 out of the 5 days I have had class. I'll let you picture that for yourself. I have a pretty full class load, but I am not that worried about the level of difficulty. I am in Bio 101, yes me a senior in Bio 101. I have been putting it off for a few years now, and I need it to graduate. I'm not great at science, but it is a non bio majors science class. The only problem I have with the class, is all the Freshmen. Not that I don't like Freshmen, but they literally have no idea how college works fall quarter. This class consists of trying to help these newbies adjust into a big lecture. This is all fine for them, but that was so 3 years ago for me.

Ohio State is a gigantic campus. As quoted by my boyfriend "this place is huge, it just goes everywhere". Yes it does go just about everywhere. Here is the full size map to see close up. Just when I thought that my classes couldn't get any farther away from where I live, I got a class in Parks Hall. As quoted by me, "Where the hell is Parks Hall?" This building is literally the farthest building you can have class. It is located on Medical Campus, but the other side of the campus. It's about a 30 minute bike ride from my apartment. The first time this class was going to be, was last Thursday. I got on my bike and rode all the way out there, just to find no one there, and there were 5 minutes till the class started. Two others showed up and we looked online that the professor had canceled the class for the week. I was livid, she didn't email anyone she just put it up on the school site. No one really checks that before class starts, and if you do, I am judging you and I think you are an overachiever.
You can also click on this to see it bigger. 

So those are my dramatic tales from the first week back. The only other thing that happened was my remote decided to stop turning my TV on and off, or the volume up and down. I probably called Time Warner about 20 times yesterday. If you are reading and know how to fix this, or you go to Ohio State and want to help me for real, leave me comment.

I want to end on a good note, so in better news, I got a new job. I am officially working at Cuzzins, located in Lane Shopping Center. I love this frozen yogurt place and I am getting paid above minimum wage. This is such a better option for me than my bakery job I had last year. That is another story for another day. If you live in the Columbus area and know where Lane Ave. is, come visit me!

I hope everyone's week is fantastic and you enjoy my stories. Hopefully next week I'll have pictures of my apartment.

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