Love Abroad

Love Abroad

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Internship Saga: Part Two

I have finally started to like my internship, but not just like, LOVE. I have been having a blast the past few events and I even got a mini "intern promotion". By total chance I met a radio DJ at an event I was doing and we got to talking.  She offered me a chance to do her social media stuff during her show. I jumped on it cause it sounded right up my alley. Today was my second day on the job and I am already a star...well kinda. I got to record a commercial for the radio that will be airing this coming monday. I am totally stoked and ready to be listening to the radio all day. I also got the chance to be the star of Nancy Alden's (the DJ) craft of the month spot. I gave her my idea from the letters I made and I got to be in her video explaining it. I decided that you all should see it, so here it is, Enjoy my stardom!

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