Love Abroad

Love Abroad

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So Many Shows, Not Enough Time

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. Not just because the trees are a beautiful color, or that it's perfect sweatshirt weather. I love it because all of my favorite shows return and also new shows I can procrastinate my homework with.

You can call me an avid TV observer.

I may not like all the critically acclaimed shows or the most brilliantly written shows, but that doesn't matter to me. I like just being in a different world for a bit. Since I have too many shows that I want to talk about, I have decided to split it up in a few posts. Each post will have a new show and an old show.

The first show I would like to highlight is my new favorite, New Girl. This quirky, fun and slightly awkward comedy has stolen my heart. I love this show so much, I wish it was an hour long. The main character is a bubbly girl, Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel. The pilot kicked off with Jess finding her boyfriend cheating on her. She then needs a new place to live, leading us to meet the three supporting men. Nick, Schmidt and Winston. The men are reluctant to let her move in, but inevitably, she does. We then watch in the first three episodes Jess getting over her boyfriend, and helping the men get past their problems. Even though there has only been three episodes, I have so much fun watching. I look forward to the awkward moments and the comedy they can make out of ordinary everyday moments. It has a bit of a Modern Family feel, without the family part. I would recommend this show to anyone who needs a new "light" show. Guys would even like this show too, and as proof the boyfriend now watches this show too.

My old show that I would like to share is How I Met Your Mother. I must admit that I didn't start watching this show from the day it started. Its been on for 6 seasons and I hadn't even thought about watching it. When I was visiting the Boyfriend, he convinced me to start watching. We started from the beginning and I was hooked. This show is smart and funny and I never get tired of the reruns. So last spring I caught up and was ready for season 7 this fall. The show has five main characters: Lily, Marshall, Ted, Barney and Robin. They are all best friends living in New York who meet at their usual bar (kinda like the show Friends). Basically we are trying to figure out who the mother of Ted's kids are. We see these kids a few times, with a voiceover (Bob Saget) telling them all about his life prior to meeting their mother. Then it flashes to the five characters living out his story for the episode. Every episode is an adventure to me. I love the element of trying to figure out who the mother is and when we will meet her. I also love that every season they only give a little bit of information about her, or how he met her. If you want smart and funny, this show is for you. The only thing is you have to watch from the very first episode, or else you won't understand.

Seriously check these shows out, I really don't think you'll be sorry.

New Girl is on Tuesday's on Fox at 9pm
HIMYM is on Monday's on CBS at 8pm

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