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Love Abroad

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Only in Ohio

Today was full of news of a tragic event.

Last night in Zanesville, Ohio, an owner of 48 exotic animals committed sucide after letting all of these animals loose. This is a smal rural town in Ohio, and is not any kind of place for these exotic animals.

These animals were reported last night to the sheriff's office after being sighted traveling towards the Interstate 70. (Don't worry, I'm about an hour away from Zanesville right now)

I am upset with the situation because they had to kill a majority of the animals. I know that these animals were not taken care of properly in the first place, but now they are dead because of this selfish man. I don't mean to start debates, but I just love animals.

I just watched a press coference streaming live, and the police were not happy with having to kill the animals, which makes me a feel a little bit better. The police chief said that it was senseless for them to have to kill these animals, but it was just in protection of the citizens.

I totally agree with the protection of the community, I know if I were living in Zanesville right now I would totally be scared to leave my house. This still doesn't change my feeling about how the animals were taken care of. They even had the famous Jack Hanna at the scene trying to help out with rounding up the animals and he is an expert. I just think there could have been a better solution, but who I am to criticize the police trying to do their job.

I think the police were in the right trying to protect and do they best they could, I am just sad that we lost these amazing animals, for no really good reason.

Here is more on the situation and where I got some of my info from More Info on Exotic Animals in Ohio

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  1. This heartwrenching, it really is, but the police have a valid point. A child or someone could have been seriously hurt. But I'm with you, I love and adore animals and it kills me to hear they had to kill them. I wish they could have found some way to cage them instead. I don't know though - would they have been happy? Ugh.