Love Abroad

Love Abroad

Friday, August 19, 2011

Buckeye Football

As I have advertised in my "about me" section, I love The Ohio State University. Not just because I am currently a student there, but because I have been brainwashed by my parents since day one to love the school and the football team. No matter what has happened to the university, we have stuck by them. This is no different today. No matter all the crazy events and resignations, I still love my team. All summer at my internship I have been meeting new people, with this comes introducing yourself and what school you go to. Every time the words "Ohio State" slip out, people's faces immediately change. Some look confused or in pain. Then the same two phrases come out, "Oh, well how is that going to be?" or "That's great, but what about that football team?". All questions that don't need to be answered, because in my opinion they should already know the answer. If you think that for one second I would not support my football team, because of 5 people's mistakes, you are very very wrong. I tell everyone the same thing, I am done talking about the subject, and if you were a true buckeye, through and through, you would support them this year and help them into the next (hopefully) few dark years. I have a video here for all of you die hard Buckeye fans like me. I am truly excited for this season, I cannot wait to see how well we can do without our past heroes. Enjoy the video, and please no hating about the Bucks here, this is a no hate zone.

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